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MiCourses: Student Performance Data Request

Intended Audience: Catalog Managers


Section 21f(7)(c) mandates that districts and Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) offering online courses through Section 21f must provide Michigan Virtual with two key metrics for each online course: the enrollment count and the pass count. Each June, districts and ISDs will receive an email from MiCourses requesting student performance data for the preceding academic year. This email will include a file attachment that must be completed and returned by mid-September. The spreadsheet will be used to collect the required enrollment and pass count figures for each online course offered.



When opening the attached file, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not add, delete, or modify columns A through E.
  • Do not add or remove any rows.
  • Do not add, modify, or remove the header row.
  • Pay attention to the "Display Type" column (column B). All required data fields are highlighted in RED. 
    • If the Display Type shows "District and Statewide Catalog," the Enrollment Count and Pass Count data are required.  
    • If the Display Type shows "District Catalog Only," providing the Enrollment Count and Pass Count data is optional.
    • If the Display Type shows "Inactive," the Enrollment Count and Pass Count data are required ONLY if the course was offered as "District and Statewide Catalog" earlier this year. Only the district/ISD can determine this based on their records.

Please follow these instructions when working with the attached file.

  1. Enrollment Count (Column F): Record the number of enrollments for the online course the district or ISD offered to pupils in the 23-24 school year. To do this, enter a number, even if it is “0”, in the Enrollment Count cell for the course offering.
    Note: if the course was not actually offered (i.e., the offering was created by mistake) OR the course was offered as District Catalog Only and you do not wish to report on it, then leave the cell empty.
  2. Pass Count (Column G): Indicate the number of enrollments in which the pupil earned 60% or more of the total course points for the 23-24 school year.
    Note: All course offerings that contain a number, “0” or higher, in the Enrollment Count cell, will be required to insert the pass count, even if that number is “0.”
  3. Notes (Column H): For any course offering containing a number of “0” or higher in the Enrollment Count cell, you may enter a brief text as the Notes, but this is not required.
    Note: The data entered into this column will be visible to the public.

After entering the student performance data in the file, save all changes. Then, return to the email received from MiCourses and reply to all recipients. Ensure that [email protected] is included in the "To" field. Attach the completed file to the reply email and tap the "Send" button.

Districts and ISDs can expect that the performance data submitted through this process will be added to the system no later than October 1st.

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