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As a student, you have the ability to update your contact information and adjust your settings for the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). Follow the steps outlined below to adjust your settings.


  1. First, access your course.
  2. Then tap your name (upper right corner) in the minibar to display a list of options.
  3. Next, select one of the following options:
    • Profile – allows you to modify your picture, phone, email address and interests/hobbies.
    • My Portfolio – captures Brightspace Portfolio artifacts in your classrooms or on excursions, instead of using a shared classroom device.
    • Notifications – will allow you to control how you receive notifications about activity in your course(s).
    • Account Settings – can be used to modify account settings for the HTML editors, dialog appearances, reading content, videos, and much more.
    • Progress – will display your progress summary.
    • Logout – will log you out of the Brightspace LMS.

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