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Michigan Virtual Course Whitelist


This article is primarily for those who manage a protected network and will provide lists of external websites that should be added to a “safe list” to ensure Michigan Virtual students can access all needed course websites.
The compiled whitelists are organized by course vendor.


  1. First, verify the content provider by locating the course title within the Active Course Offerings and refer to the “Vendor” column.
  2. Next, if your school restricts web traffic, please add the domains and websites to your content filtering whitelist by tapping the corresponding content provider name below or open the full Whitelist containing all vendors. 

Michigan Virtual does not guarantee the accuracy of the URLs provided by other course content vendors. The degree of accuracy is solely dependent upon the information provided by each vendor on the date when the whitelist was communicated to Michigan Virtual. In an effort to keep course content functional and current for actively enrolled student users, course links are subject to change without notice. This document is not updated with each instance of an edited course link throughout the school year. Michigan Virtual will make reasonable attempts to update this whitelist on or near August of each calendar year with the approach of the new school year’s initial academic term start dates. Note: Not all of the URLs will function simply by copying them into a browser’s URL bar, as a number of them contain a reserved character—an asterisk—to indicate to a content filter that it should accept any variety of characters in that portion of the URL.

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