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Is Michigan Virtual a School?

Michigan Virtual is not an online school, however, we are a course provider that works in partnership with local school districts so that students can earn credit for online courses through their local school.  In order for this to work, the school must agree to assign a grade and add the credits to your student's transcript.

Here are several questions that you can use to ask your school about remote learning options for your student. 

  • Who handles online course registration?  (This is who you will want to talk to)
  • My student is in ______ grade, what are the required classes to reach graduation?
  • Will the school pay for these courses?  If not, how many or which ones will they pay for?
  • As long as my student successfully passes these courses will they receive credit on their transcript?
  • What is considered to be a passing grade in an online course?
  • What start date most closely resembles the school calendar?

You will also want to check with your local school district to see what options are available.

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