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How to Enroll

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The registration procedures will differ depending on the various content providers featured in Michigan's Online Course Catalog. To learn how to enroll in a course listed in the catalog, follow the steps outlined below.


  1. First, access Michigan’s Online Course Catalog.
  2. Next, search the catalog to find courses offered either in District Only or Statewide.
  3. Then click on the course title of interest or select the View Details button.
    The Search Results page is shown with two arrows pointing to the course title and view details button within the course subject table.

  4. Next, scroll down the page to the "How To Enroll" section.

  5. In this section, you will find the enrollment details, which may include a website, email address, and/or phone number to contact. If applicable, click on the Start Registration Request button to access the content provider's enrollment website.
    The How to Enroll section of the course information page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Start Registration Request button.

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