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Brightspace CI: Locating Passwords for Exams

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.


Providing passwords for high-stakes assessments like midterms and finals helps maintain the integrity and security of the exam content. By following the outlined process, instructors can easily retrieve the necessary passwords to unlock and access these important evaluation materials within the Brightspace platform.


  1. First, from the Brightspace course, tap the Course Admin tab, then click Quizzes.
  2. Next, scroll through the quizzes to determine which ones are password protected.
    Note: Quizzes that have a password will display a key icon next to the title.
  3. Then click the drop-down next to the quiz name and then choose Edit.
  4. Next, expand the "Availability Dates & Conditions" section.
  5. Then scroll down to the "Password section", where the password will be displayed.

    Note: If an instructor would like to add a password to a quiz/final exam, they may enter a password in this field.

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