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CI: Frequently Asked Questions

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors


Is there a difference between AP courses taught by Michigan Virtual instructors and local teachers in a collaborative partnership?

Yes. There are many distinctions between the two. Reference About AP Courses in Collaborative Partnerships and Michigan Virtual and Collaborative Partnership Courses.

How do I setup my collaborative AP course with the College Board?

AP courses offered through a Collaborative Partnership will be associated with the local school in all aspects, as perceived by the College Board. While Michigan Virtual provides the course content, the complete setup of the Collaborative AP course becomes the responsibility of the local school. For more information, reference Setting Up Your Collaborative AP Course.

Student Learning Portal

Why aren't the finalized grades showing up in the SLP after I submitted them in Brightspace?

There may be a delay of 12-24 hours before grades appear in the Student Learning Portal (SLP) due to the time required for syncing with the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) Gradebook, especially during periods of high submissions or increased web traffic.


How can Collaborative Instructors create an automated welcome system for greeting students?

Instructors can configure an intelligent agent to automatically greet students and provide them with a Welcome Letter when they first access their course.

Is it possible to exempt students from assignments?

Yes, Collaborative Instructors have the flexibility to exempt multiple students from a specific assignment or to exempt an individual student from several assignments.

How can I obtain a password for an assessment?

Collaborative Instructors can find the passwords required to access evaluation materials by navigating to the Quizzes page on the Brightspace platform.

Is it possible to assign specific due dates for assignments?

Yes, Collaborative Instructors can set specific due dates for assignments using the Manage Dates feature found in the Course Admin page.

How do I locate assignment instructions for vendor courses?

In vendor-provided courses, Collaborative Instructors can find the assignment instructions embedded directly within the lesson content, rather than listed separately in the Brightspace assignment section.

How do I update the Instructor info displayed on my Class Homepage?

It's important to keep your instructor information current to ensure effective communication with your students. You can update this information by following the steps outlined in the Add Instructor Info article.

Is it possible to submit a quiz that is marked as "In Progress"?

Yes, you can submit a quiz in this state. Please consult the Submit a Quiz when Attempt "In Progress" article for detailed guidance.

Pacing Guides

How are the dates set on a student's pacing guide?

The dates on a student’s pacing guide are determined by their start and end dates, which are accessible in the SLP. If a student enrolls after the course's official start date, their pacing guide is adjusted to begin from their date of enrollment.

How do mentors or teachers view dates on a pacing guide?

For mentors and teachers, the pacing guide initially shows the earliest course start date and adjusts according to the number of weeks specified for the term. They can modify these dates to tailor the pacing guide as needed.

Do adjustments made to pacing guides automatically save?

No, adjustments to pacing guides do not save automatically. To save a custom pacing guide, click "Print all weeks" in the upper right corner and either print it or save it as a PDF.

Do pacing guides include holidays?

Yes, pacing guides account for holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break, and Memorial Day.

Where can I find the pacing guides for Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

Pacing guides for AP courses are located in the "Getting Started" folder within each course. The due dates for AP assignments are also available in the Calendar widget on the Class Homepage, if it is enabled.

Do pacing guides reflect the progress made in completing assignments?

No, pacing guides do not adjust to reflect work that has already been completed within a course.

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