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CI: Michigan Virtual and Collaborative Partnership Courses

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.

The course tiles in the Student Learning Portal (SLP) provide a convenient way to access important course information. This article will highlight the differences between course tiles for classes taught by Michigan Virtual instructors and those taught by local teachers as part of a Collaborative Partnership.

Regardless of the course type, all course tiles include essential information such as the course title, the assigned instructor's name, the duration of the course (including the number of days remaining until the end date), the 'Assignments' bar (indicating the number of completed assignments out of the total in the course), and a link to the course's pacing guide, if available.

However, there are a few key distinctions to note:

  1. Courses taught by local teachers as part of a Collaborative Partnership will display "Collaborative Partner" below the course title, whereas courses taught by Michigan Virtual instructors will not have this designation.
  2. For courses taught by local teachers through Collaborative Partnerships, the course tile will show the student's current score, calculated by dividing their earned points by the total possible points. In contrast, Michigan Virtual courses consider all possible assignments when calculating grades, rather than displaying a current score on the tile.
Courses Taught by Local Teachers as part of a Collaborative Partnership
Will include ‘Collaborative Partner’ in the term information
Study Skills course widget is shown with text "Partner" below the title.
Courses Taught by Michigan Virtual Instructors
Will include Michigan Virtual logo
Algebra 1B course shown with the Michigan Virtual Logo to the right side of the course widget.

Despite these differences, the course tiles in the SLP serve as a centralized location for accessing crucial course information, regardless of whether the class is taught by Michigan Virtual instructors or local teachers in Collaborative Partnerships.

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