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Brightspace CI: Submit a Quiz when Attempt "In Progress"

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by a local teacher as part of a collaborative partnership.


There may be occasions when an instructor needs to submit a quiz or test for a student, such as finalizing scores at term-end or resetting a quiz. The following instructions will will guide instructors through the process of submitting a test or quiz for a student when necessary.


  1. First, open the Course Admin tab and then select Quizzes in the Assessment section.
  2. Next, select the arrow located next to the test name and then choose Grade.
    The Quizzes page is shown with an arrow pointing from the Quiz drop-down to the Grade menu option.

  3. At this point, tap the Show Search Options link located to the right of the Search bar.
    The Grades page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Show Search Options link.

  4. Next, use the Restrict to drop-down and select “Users with attempts in progress.” Once you change the criteria, you must return to the search bar and click the “search” magnifying glass again.
    The Show Search Options are shown with arrows pointing to the Restrict to drop-down field and to the Search icon.

  5. Finally, tap the icon next to the attempt to impersonate the student and then you can just scroll to the bottom to submit the test for them.
    The search results that appear at the bottom of the page are shown. An arrow points to the icon next to the attempt in progress.

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