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Locating Assignment Instructions for Vendor Courses


Some courses that Michigan Virtual offers have content that is provided by different vendors. Often, these courses are set up slightly differently than courses created by Michigan Virtual. One of the main differences you will notice is that the assignment instructions are often located within the lessons instead of in the actual assignment in Brightspace. For instructions on locating the assignment instructions for vendor courses, follow the steps below.


  1. First, access your course in Brightspace and navigate to the Lessons page.
  2. Next, expand the unit or module folder that contains the assignment you are looking for.
  3. Then locate the lesson that corresponds to the assignment.
    Note: Corresponding lessons and assignments will have the same numbering as shown in the example below.
    The Lessons page is shown with Module 1 expanded. Arrows point to lesson and it's corresponding assignment for two different examples.
  4. Next, open the lesson by clicking on its title. 
  5. Finally, navigate to the last page of the lesson. This page will contain the assignment instructions as well as the grading rubric, if applicable.

For information on grading assignments in vendor courses, see Locating Answer Keys for Vendor Courses.

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