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Accommodated Quizzes in Brightspace

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by a local teacher as part of a collaborative partnership.


Some courses in Brightspace include accommodated versions of assessments. These assessments have been modified to reduce the number of answers choices a student will be given on multiple choice questions. Accommodated quizzes are intended to support instructors in providing the accommodation of reduced answer choices that may be required per a student’s IEP or 504 Plan. To set up and manage accommodated assessments in a course, an instructor should follow the steps documented below.


Add Students to the Accommodations Group

  1. First, open your course in Brightspace.
  2. Next, navigate to Course Admin, then select Groups.
    The Course Admin page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Course Admin navigation menu option and to the Groups link in Learner Management section.
  3. Then click on the dropdown options for MC Accommodation 1 and select Enroll Users.
    The Manage Groups page is shown with an arrow pointing from the MC Accommodations drop-down to the Enroll Users option.
  4. Next, search for the student, check the box, and click Save.
    The Enroll Users page is shown with an arrow pointing to the checkbox next to the student name and to the Save button.
  5. Finally, to view students already assigned to the MC Accommodations 1 Group, select the number displayed under the Members column.

Supporting Students with Accommodated Assessments in Brightspace

Once you have added a student to the MC Accommodation 1 Group, the student will have access to all accommodated versions of assessments in the course. However, they will continue to be able to access the unmodified versions of assessments as well. Students may need guidance in selecting the accommodated version of the assessments initially. 

When a student has been added to the MC Accommodations 1 group in their course, they will notice accommodated assessments appear next to the non-accommodated versions. These quizzes can be distinguished by the suffix that has been added to the accommodated version (AV-MC3), as shown below. The student will need to select the AV-MC3 version if they would like to take the accommodated quiz.
The Lessons page is shown from a student view. An arrow points to the AV-MC3 version of an assignment.

Once a student selects an assessment to attempt, they may confirm that they are accessing the accommodated version by looking at the top of the screen. (AV-MC3) should be visible in the quiz title at the top of the page.
The Summary view of the AV-MC3 assignment is shown. An arrow points to the assignment title.

Grading Accommodated Assessments

Grades for accommodated assessments can be found in the gradebook by scrolling to the right past all standard graded items for the course. You can distinguish accommodated assessments by the (AV-MC3) notation added to the title.
The Grades page is shown with arrows pointing to two quizzes within the Accommodated Quizzes section of the gradebook.

Note: Grades for accommodated assessments are not included in the final grade for the course. In order to include them, you must copy the score earned on the accommodated version of the assessment and manually enter that score in the corresponding column of the non-accommodated version of the assessment in the grade book. This can be accomplished by viewing your grade book in Spreadsheet View.
The Grades page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Switch to Spreadsheet View button.

Enter the score in the appropriate spot and tap Save.
The Spreadsheet view of the Grades page is shown with a number inserted into the quiz. An arrow points to this and to the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many answer choices do AV-MC3 quizzes have?
A: The accommodated assessments have 3 answer choices for multiple choice questions.

Q: Do all students see the AV-MC3 quizzes in the course?
A: No. Only students that have been added to the MC Accommodations 1 group will be able to view and access these quizzes.

Q: As a teacher, I still see the accommodated versions of the quizzes in my Lessons folder. Is that okay?
A: Yes, as a teacher you will continue to see these quizzes on your Lessons page. Students will NOT be able to see these quizzes unless they have been added to the accommodations group in the class.

Q: I don’t have any students that require multiple choice accommodations in my course. Can I remove them from my class?
A: It is not recommended to remove them from your course in case the need arises later in the term. You may, however, collapse the Accommodated Quizzes category in the gradebook to minimize them from your view. You can collapse the category by clicking the minus sign next to the category title.
The Standard View of the Grades page is shown with an arrow pointing to the collapse icon next to the Accommodated Quizzes section.

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