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Adding Events to the Brightspace Course Calendar


Every Collaborator class (courses taught by local teachers) homepage in Brightspace contains a Calendar widget. This widget displays content items with due dates and all calendar events. Follow the steps below to add an event to the calendar in your Brightspace course.

The features and permissions described in this article do not apply to Michigan Virtual instructors.


  1. First, from the class homepage, scroll down to the calendar widget and click the title Calendar.
  2. Next, tap Create Event.
    • If you would like to connect the event to content in the course, such as a lesson or assignment, click Add Content, navigate to the item you want to add and then select Add.
  3. At this point, choose to do one of the following: 
    • If you've assigned course content to the event and want to use a custom name for it, check the Use custom name box and then enter a name for your event.
    • If you have not associated course content with the event, enter a name for your event.
  4. Next, add date and time details to your course event, in the When area and then click on the provided fields.
    • If you’d like the event to repeat at regular intervals, click Add Recurrence and then enter your event recurrence details. 
    • To add restrictions to the event, such as hiding it or making it visible before the event date, click Add Restriction. Enter your event restriction details. 
    • To add a location for the event, from the Location drop-down list, select the location.
  5. Finally, tap the Create button. The event will now display on the Calendar page and on the Calendar widget on the Class Homepage.

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