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Adding Instructor Info in Brightspace (for Collaborative Instructors)

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by a local teacher as part of a collaborative partnership. 


Every course in Brightspace has an Instructor Info widget that is visible to students on the class homepage. This information is crucial for students to access quickly, so they know who to contact when they require assistance in the course and how to reach them. To update your profile and the Instructor Info widget in your courses, please follow the instructions provided below.

Please note that the features and permissions outlined in this article are not applicable to Michigan Virtual instructors.


  1. First, access your course in Brightspace.
  2. Next, in the upper right corner, tap the profile icon.
    The home page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Example Teacher profile icon on the upper right corner of the page. This example is for a Middle school world history course.
  3. Then choose Profile from the drop-down menu.
    The home page is shown with an arrow pointing to the drop-down option "Profile". This is the menu displayed after tapping the profile icon.
  4. At this point, modify the following fields. Each of the fields listed below will display on the Instructor Info widget on the course homepage if information is entered.
    • Instructor Photo - Choose to upload or change the picture displayed.
    • Nickname - (optional) Enter the name you would prefer students call you. For example, “ Mr. Brown”.
    • Email - Insert your local school email address.
    • Business Phone - Insert the phone number where students can reach you.
    • Position - Add your job title. For example, "Social Studies Instructor".
    • Interests/Hobbies - (optional) Insert office hours. For example: “Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.”
  5. (Optional) Enter any other information you would like to share with students in the remaining fields. Note that this information will only be visible to students if they click the “Read More” link at the bottom of the Instructor Info widget.
  6. When all edits have been made, tap the Save and Close button to save your changes.
    The Edit My User Profile page is displayed showing the change picture option as well as the fields mentioned above. An arrow points to the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page.
  7. The Instructor Info widget and your profile page have now been updated in each of the courses you teach.
    The Instructor Widget is shown with the Teacher Example user. The title, email, phone and office hours are shown with a Read More link at the bottom.

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