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Brightspace Date Management and Display (for Collaborative Instructors)

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.


In Brightspace courses, collaborative instructors have the option to set due dates and availability dates that will display on the Lessons page for students and instructors. This visual display of information can be a good way to keep students on pace in their courses. 

Due dates and dates of access for assignments, quizzes, and discussions can be set from the Edit page for each type of assessment. For information on how to set due dates and dates of access using the Manage Dates tool in Brightspace, view this article: Use the Manage Dates Tool to Set Assignment Due Dates in Bulk.

To set due dates and dates of access for other items in a course, such as lessons, units, and folders, follow the instructions below.


  1. First, open the course in Brightspace and then navigate to the Lessons page.
  2. Next, tap a unit, folder, or lesson to open it. 
  3. With the item selected, click the ellipses in the upper right corner and then choose Edit.
    The lessons page is shown with a folder selected on the left menu. The ellipse menu is also displayed. Arrows point to Lessons in the top menu, the unit folder and to the edit option from the ellipse.
  4. For units and folders, tap Add Due Date to open the due date field and enter a date. You can also set dates of availability on this page by clicking the triangle next to "Availability Dates" and entering the dates. When finished, tap the Save button to apply your changes.
    The folder details page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Add Due Date link below the Name field. Another arrow points to the expanded Availability Dates section.
  5. For lessons, enter a date in the Due Date field and set "Availability Dates" by clicking on that section. When finished, tap the Save button to apply your changes.
    The edit lessons page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Due Date field below the name filed. Another arrow points to the Availability Dates section which is not expanded.
  6. On the Lessons page, teachers will be able to view any due dates that have been set as well as the dates of availability, if applicable.
    The Lessons page is displayed with the Lesson availability and due dates applied. Arrows point to both of these dates within the left folder structure.

  7. When students view the course, they will also see the due dates and dates of availability on their Lessons page.
    The student view of the Lessons page is being shown. The Unit 2 section is expanded to show lessons. Arrows point to the due date under lesson name and to the availability date to the right.
  8. In addition, for students and teachers, the due dates will populate in the Calendar widget on the Class Homepage, if enabled.
    The Class Homepage of the Instructor view shows an arrow pointing to Class Homepage in the top menu and to the Due Date of the Lesson within the Calendar widget.

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