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Setting Up Your Collaborative AP Course

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.


This article aims to guide Collaborative Instructors on setting up Collaborative AP Courses with the College Board, including the AP Course Audit process. However, note that this information does not apply to AP courses taught by Michigan Virtual instructors. The AP courses taught through a Collaborative Partnership will be associated with the local school in all aspects and from the College Board's perspective. While Michigan Virtual only provides course content, it will be the local school's responsibility to complete the Collaborative AP course setup.

Steps to Set Up Your Collaborative AP Course

If you are teaching a Collaborative AP course for the first time, you will need to contact the AP Coordinator at your local school. This person will approve your submitted audit and be your point of contact for AP Exam registrations and student questions. Your course must be authorized by the College Board in order to call it an AP course. This must be done through the AP Course Audit.

  1. To complete an AP Course Audit, go to the AP Course Audit website.
  2. Next, tap Sign In or Create an Account.
    The College Board AP website is shown with an arrow pointing to the Sign in to or create your ap course audit option.
  3. When entering information in the "Professional Information" section, type your local school for the question Where do you work? Do NOT use Michigan Virtual! Typing Michigan Virtual in this field will cause your audit to be rejected.
  4. Then fill out and submit the subject-specific AP Course Audit form online. 
    • Your local AP Coordinator or school administrator must approve your audit request before you can proceed to submit documentation and before the College Board will review your course.
    • Once your local school has approved your AP Course Audit request, you must submit documentation showing the understanding of your course.
    • Click Submit Course Document.
    • Next, for the Select a submission typestep, we suggest you follow the applicable procedure below, based on the course vendor. 
      1. First, verify the vendor of the Collaborative AP course you teach here.
        • For all Michigan Virtual AP courses, we will provide you with a complementary copy of the syllabus prepared for the College Board, found in the “Instructors Only” folder in your course.  (Contact our Customer Care Team for any syllabus assistance.  Please specify to Customer Care that you are a Collaborative Instructor.) If using our syllabus:
          1. Choose Submit New or Revised Syllabus and upload the syllabus document.
          2. You will be responsible for making any requested revisions from the College Board.
        • For all FlexPoint Education (formerly FLVS Global) AP courses:
          1. Choose Adopt Unit Guides or a Sample Syllabus.
          2. Select the Unit Guides for the course you are teaching and download as directed.
          3. Click Submit to complete your submission.
        • If you are returning to teach a previously authorized Collaborative AP Course, you will not have to resubmit a new Course Audit Request, but your local AP Coordinator or Administrator must renew your course every year.
        • Once your AP Course has been authorized, either you or your local AP Coordinator can create an AP classroom section, giving access to practice exams, formative assessments, etc.

CollegeBoard Reference:  AP Course Audit for Teachers

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