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Disable Pop-Up Blocking

Intended Audience: Students 


Students may notice that when selecting the course name from the Active Courses widget on their Student Learning Portal (SLP) dashboard, the course does not launch. To correct the issue, pop-up blocking must be disabled. This article describes how to  disable the pop-up blocking feature within your Chrome browser.


  1. First, copy and then paste the following text into the Chrome address bar:
  2. Next, locate the Allow section and then tap the Add button.
  3. As a result, the Add a site pop-up window will appear. Copy and paste the following text in the Site field:
  4. To apply change, tap the Add button.
    Zoomed in image of the Chrome settings as described above. Add a site pop-up window shows the Site field populated with the Student Learning Portal URL and has an arrow pointing to the Add button.
  5. Finally, close all Chrome browser windows and attempt to access the course again.
    Note: If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Customer Care Center.

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