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Learner Progress Dashboard

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructor
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.  


The Learner Progress Dashboard is an interactive dashboard that offers a summary of how students are progressing in their course. The filters can be used to display particular students or groups of students, and to extract detailed information that can be downloaded for reporting purposes.


Locate the Dashboard

  1. First, tap Data and Insights from the Brightspace Navbar and then select Insights Portal.
    The Brightspace homepage is shown with arrows pointing to the Data and Insights menu in the navbar and to the Insights Portal option within.
  2. Next, tap Insights Report Builder at the top of the Insights Portal page.
  3. At this point, a new tab will open. To view the dashboard, open the menu at the top left of the page, expand Instructor Dashboards - CI to then select Learner Progress.
    A screenshot of the Overview page is layered to show the menu icon and the Learner Progress Report within. Arrows point to both of these selections.
  4. Next, to filter the Learner Progress Dashboard, select the desired semester (PR - C - Semester Filter A), course (PR - C- Course Filter A), or enrolled student(s) (PR - C - Enrolled Students Filter A) using the corresponding drop-down menus. After selecting the desired options, click the Apply button, and the dashboard will refresh to display the relevant information. The "PR - C - Avg Percent Completion" and "PR - C - Avg Percent Score" cards can be used to view the results.
  5. At this point, additional filtering can take place within the "PR - C - Work Completed Progress" and "PR - C - Current Score" cards.
    1. PR - C - Work Completed Progress
      The "PR - C - Work Completed Progress" card shows the number of completed items out of the total items for each category in the course. If a category has no items, it will display as N/A. The color scale is based on the percent completion and is divided into intervals of 25%. To see the work completed for a specific student, click on the student's name in the row.
      This will show not only the completed Gradebook items but also the completed assignments, discussions, quizzes, LTI, and miscellaneous items.
    2. PR - C - Current Score
      The "PR - C - Current Score" card displays the points a student has earned out of the total possible points for each category. If there are no items in a particular category, "N/A" will be displayed. The color scale is set based on the percentage of the current score, with intervals of 25%. By tapping on a student's name, you can view their current grade.
      Further information will be furnished within the outcomes.

Card Options

The Card Options icon (wrench) is available on each card and provides several options. 'Details' opens a separate page with insights such as averages and outliers. 'Schedule as Report' allows for scheduling the report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 'Edit Scheduled Report' lets mentors adjust distributed reports, 'Send Now' sends a one-time report, 'Send/Export' provides options for saving or sending card information, 'Add to Favorites' adds the card to the Favorites page, and 'Alert Me' allows mentors to create alerts driven by real-time data.

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