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Brightspace CI: Learner Progress Dashboard

Intended Audience: Collaborative Instructor
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.  


The Learner Progress Dashboard is an interactive dashboard that offers a summary of how students are progressing in their course. The filters can be used to display particular students or groups of students, and to extract detailed information that can be downloaded for reporting purposes.
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  1. First, access the Insights Portal from the Brightspace Homepage.
  2. Next, select the Analytics Builder tab and then select the "Insights Report Builder" link.
  3. From the left menu, select Learner Progress located under the "Instructors Dashboards - CI" section.
  4. Instructors have the option to refine the results on the Learner Progress Dashboard by filtering for specific semesters, courses, or students. As filters are activated, the charts and data presented below will dynamically adapt to reflect the selected criteria. In the following example, the "Learners" filter has been utilized to observe the progress of a particular student.
  5. Instructors now have the option to access more details by clicking on a student's name within the "Work Completed Progress" and/or "Current Score" sections. Upon selection, results will be displayed in a manner similar to the image below. Use the scroll bar below the charts to view additional data.
    • Work Completed Progress displays the number of completed items out of the total items for each category in the course. If a category has no items, it will show N/A. The Percent Complete column uses a color scale that is tiered at 25% completion intervals.
    • Current Score displays the percentage of points earned out of total points possible for each category. If a category has no items for that course, "N/A" will be displayed. The color scale on the Current Score Percent column is tiered at 25% score intervals.

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