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Customize My Dashboard

Intended Audience: Mentors, Affiliation Users 


This article explains the process for Student Learning Portal (SLP) mentors and affiliation users to personalize their dashboard with a customized view. Users can add one or more widgets to the dashboard to display the most relevant information. The following steps will guide you on how to customize your dashboard.


  1. First, tap the Customize Dashboard (gear) icon, displayed on the right side of the page.
    A screen capture of the Student Learning Portal dashboard is displaying the top and left menus. Three notification blocks display information for the user. Below appears the Notifications section with an arrow pointing to the customize dashboard icon on the right side of the page.
  2. As a result, a Customize Dashboard menu will appear which displays an option to restore the dashboard to default settings, add additional charts, save or cancel modifications.
    The Customize Dashboard menu appears with Reset Dashboard, Add Chart, Save Changes, and Cancel Changes buttons. Each button contains an icon representing the action.
  3. Next, proceed with one or more of the following actions:
    • Select Reset Dashboard to restore the dashboard to its original default settings.
    • To include more widgets, tap the Add Chart button. At this point, a new window will open, then continue by scrolling down the tabled list to locate the appropriate chart. Next, tap the line item containing the chart to display a preview of the widget. Proceed with adding the widget by tapping the Select Chart button.
      The Add Chart window shows the tabled chart containing a list of available widgets and below the preview of the widget once selected. Arrows point to the Add Chart window and to the Select Chart button that is displayed at the bottom of the window.
    • Reorder the widgets by using a pointing device, such as a mouse, to latch onto a widget and drag it to another location within the page. Set the widget location by releasing the latch.
    • Resize a widget by using the Width drop-down menu. Then select the appropriate size of 100%, 66%, 50% or 33%.
    • Widgets can be removed by tapping the “X” that appears in the top right corner of each widget.
      The Notifications widget is in process of being dragged to an alternate location. Arrows point to the drag cursor, to the width drop-down menu and to the red x of the widgets that appear on the screen as referenced above.
  4. Finally, tap Save Changes to apply the changes above or chose Cancel Changes to exit the menu options without saving.

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