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Guardian: Drop My Student from a Course

Intended Audience: Guardians 


This process outlines the steps for a guardian to request the removal of a student from a course in the Student Learning Portal (SLP). Please note that this option is only available if the guardian purchased the course. To submit the request, follow the steps below. You may also refer to the SLP How Guardians Can Drop a Course video for more guidance.

If a course has been purchased by a school or district, guardians will not be able to drop the course on their own. In this case, they should coordinate with the school to have the student removed from the course. Only the person who initially enrolled the student will be able to drop them from the course.


  1. First, review the Michigan Virtual Drop Policy.
  2. Next, utilize the Enrollment Calendar to determine refund eligibility.
  3. Then contact our Customer Care Center to request that the student be removed. The representatives will need to know the student name and which course.
  4. As a result, a representative will respond once the request has been fulfilled.

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