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View Student Historical Grades

Intended Audience: Affiliation Users 


An affiliation user may need to locate a students grade from a course he or she completed in the past. This article describes how to find historical grade within the Student Learning Portal (SLP).


  1. First, tap the Affiliation tab in the top menu bar.
  2. Then tap the Search button without populating the Filter field.
  3. Then locate and select the appropriate linked school in the “Name” column. As a result, the Affiliation profile will be displayed.
  4. Next, tap the Enrollment History option from the left menu.
  5. At this point use the Period and Status filters to narrow your results and then tap the Get Data button. Additionally, the Search bar at the top of the results table can be used to type a students name, the course title, or instructor name for the purpose of thinning the returned results further.
  6. Finally, view the number displayed in the “Grade” column for the appropriate course. This number represents the percentage the student received.
    The Enrollment History page shows the fields mentioned above and the results grid which displays the students course information. An arrow points to the grade column within that grid.

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