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View Student Course Pacing Guides (Mentors)

Intended Audience: Mentors 


The Course Pacing Guides – Mentor widget appears on the mentor dashboard within the Student Learning Portal (SLP). This widget contains both Flex and Essential courses for active enrollments. This article provides mentors with information on how to view pacing guides for a students course as it pertains to their start and end dates.


  1. First, login to the Student Learning Portal (SLP) to access the Course Pacing Guides – Mentor widget on the dashboard.
    Note: If the widget is missing, (a.) ensure that "Mentor" is selected if you have dual roles, and/or (b.) add the widget by customizing your dashboard.
  2. Next, tap the linked course title in the “Pacing Guide” column.
    The dashboard page is displayed showing the Notifications and Course Pacing Guides - Mentor widget. An arrow points to the linked course Algebra 1A in the Pacing Guide column.
  3. As a result, a new tab will open showing the pacing guide for that course. The current week number will be highlighted and will display the assignments (graded or not) that will be due this week.
  4. At this point, tap each linked course week to view that weeks assignments or tap the Print all weeks button to print a copy of the suggested pacing guide.
    The Course Pacing Guide page is shown for the Algebra 1A course and defaults to the Week 9 tab which an arrow is pointing to. Another arrow points to the Print all weeks button in the top right corner.
  5. Finally, to exit, tap the “X” at the top of the page to close the tabbed window.

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