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Keep Records of Student/Mentor Interactions

Intended Audience: Mentors, Affiliation Users 


This article outlines the process for mentors or other school staff members to document their meetings with students in the Student Learning Portal (SLP). It is the responsibility of the mentor to meet with the student as needed, whether in person or virtually, and keep records of these meetings.


  1. First, tap the Students tab in the top menu bar to display active students within your school or district.
  2. Next, click the linked name in the “Student” column for the student.
    The Active Student page is displaying a table containing a list of active students within their affiliation. An arrow points to the linked name in the Student column.
  3. As a result, the student information will be displayed. Then scroll down the left navigation menu to show the “Communications” section.
  4. Next, tap the Add Communication option.
  5. At this point, a form will appear to document the meeting with the student. Begin by specifying the type of meeting by tapping an option from the Category drop-down field.
  6. Next, type a brief description of the meeting in the Subject field.
  7. Then insert a explanation in the Contents area.
  8. When satisfied with the report, tap the Save button to apply the information to the student account.
    The Add Communication template form is displayed showing the fields mentioned above. An arrow points to the Add Communication option in the left navigation menu and to the Save button at the bottom of the template.

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