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Locate Course Start and End Dates

Intended Audience: Mentors, Affiliation Users 


It is essential for mentors and school staff to know the start and end dates of a course, which may differ by term. This guide explains how to find these dates within the Student Learning Portal (SLP). Please note that students will lose access to incomplete assignments once the course ends, and course extensions will be granted only to those who meet the criteria laid out in our Course Extension Policy.


  1. First, select the Enrollments tap in the top menu bar.
    Note: The search drop-down fields can be used to narrow results.
  2. Next, tap the Get Data button to display a table of all active enrollment records.
  3. Finally, locate the student enrollment and then view the dates displayed in the “StartDate” and “EndDate” columns.
    The Enrollments page displays a search criteria section that contains various fields to narrow search results. Below the drop-down fields is Get Data and Send buttons. An arrow points to the Get Data button. After the Get Data button is selected, a table containing current enrollment information is displayed. The columns vary, but in this example an arrow points to the Start Date and End Date columns per the instructions above.Note: If the dates are not displayed, select the “Customize columns” link at the top of the table, select the columns from the drop-down fields and then tap Save.

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