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Monitor Student Progress and Grades

Intended Audience: Mentors, Affiliation Users 


To monitor student progress and grades, mentors and affiliation users can access the Gradebook in the Student Learning Portal (SLP). This process will describe how to access that information. Keep in mind that the Gradebook only displays active courses, while completed courses can be viewed in the Gradebook History.


  1. First, tap the Students tab in the top menu bar to display a list of active students.
  2. Next, click the link displaying the student’s name within the table in the “Student” column.
    The Active Student page is displaying a table containing a list of active students within their affiliation. An arrow points to the linked name in the Student column.
  3. Then tap Gradebook in the Enrollments section within the left navigation menu.
    An arrow points to the Gradebook option within the enrollments section within the left navigation menu.
  4. After following the previous steps, you will be directed to the Gradebook page where you can access two sections of data. The first section provides an overview of the student's progress, including the course name, start and end dates, grade progress bar, completed assignments, course duration, and teacher(s). By selecting the radio button, the second section will appear, which displays course and assignment details such as the assignment name, possible and earned points, grade, and completion status.
    The Grade Book page is shown per the instructions above and contains an arrow pointing to the radio button in the first row in the select column of the table. Another arrow points to the Generate PDF button.
    • Is the selected gradebook missing data? Does it appear to not be synchronizing with the LMS gradebook? This may be due to a known issue that we are currently working to resolve. Follow the View Progress Summary article to obtain gradebook information.
    • Tap the Generate PDF button to view this information in PDF format.
      Note: All pop-up blockers must be turned off in order for the Generate PDF option to work.
  5. Next, compare the “Possible Points” to the “Earned Points” on completed assignments in the table.
  6. At this point, a mentor or affiliation user can have an informal conversation about the progress report with the student. Obtain a hard copy of the Gradebook by tapping the Print page icon displayed at the top of the page. Alternatively users can select the Export Results to Excel icon to create and save a digital copy of the student grades.
  7. Finally, if required Keep Records of Student/Mentor Interactions for historical purposes.

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