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Access My Course while Outside the Country

Intended Audience: Students 


Users who attempt to access the Student Learning Portal (SLP) from outside the United States may encounter an error message: "The requested URL was rejected." Once the error message is displayed, access to the site cannot be granted without assistance from Michigan Virtual support technicians. The following process outlines how to report the error and obtain temporary access to the SLP during your stay.


  1. First, contact the Customer Care Center.
  2. Next, provide the following information to gain temporary access to the SLP:
    • Full Name: (First and Last Name of the person attempting to access the portal)
    • Course Name(s): (Title of the course(s) you need to access)
    • Country: (Name of the country where you are located while accessing the portal)
    • City: (Name of the city where you are located while accessing the portal)
    • Dates of Stay: (The dates you will be staying in the country/city)
    • Contact Information: (Your phone number(s) and other relevant contact information)
    • Support ID: (The load balancer support ID mentioned in the error message, starting with "Your Support ID" followed by a string of numbers)
  3. Once the information above is collected, it will be sent to support technicians who will grant temporary access to the SLP. In case the technician cannot locate the support ID, they will reach out to further resolve the error message. The support ticket will be updated, and an email will be sent to confirm that the necessary permission to access the SLP has been granted.

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