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Missing Alignment Document

Intended Audience: Students, Guardians, Mentors, Affiliation Users 


Most course offerings are associated with a standards alignment document within the Course Syllabus that describes which specific academic content standards are addressed by the instructional content, learning activities, and/or assessments in various units or lessons within a course. There are a handful of reasons, however, why some offerings may lack an alignment document. This document lists those reasons.


  • The course offering is for a grade level or age group for which subject-specific academic standards do not apply (e.g., postsecondary, college courses offered for dual enrollment).
  • The course addresses unique subject matter for which there are no associated standards in the Michigan Academic Standards, nor are there any nationally recognized set of academic standards for this course material (e.g., some unique career interest electives).
  • The offering is not for an academic course, and is not intended to generate academic credit on a student’s school transcript (e.g., an online summer camp or an online supplemental program intended to provide additional practice or remediation).
  • The course is a brand new offering, and the alignment document will be coming soon after the course development has been completed. In such cases, you will be sent to a unique Course Alignment Document page stating, “The alignment document for this course is still under development; please check back soon to view it when it becomes available.”

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