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What activities/assignments should I complete this week?

Intended Audience: Students 


Student Learning Portal (SLP) pacing guides are currently provided in most Michigan Virtual courses. Follow the steps below to view a pacing guide of which activities should be completed each week to stay on track in your course if a pacing guide is available.


  1. First, login to the Student Learning Portal (SLP), by default the Dashboard will be shown. 
  2. Next, tap Pacing Guide located in the bottom right corner of the course tile as shown below.
    Note: AP courses will not have a Pacing Guide option, for these courses refer to the Advanced Placement (AP) Pacing Guides article. 
    The student dashboard is shown with two courses, one an AP course with no pacing guide, the other a non AP course with a pacing guide. An arrow points to the non AP courses pacing guide.
  3. As a result, a new tab will open to display the current weeks assignments. Each week number will be linked and if selected will display the assignments in a table below.
    • To print a copy of this pacing guide, click the “Print all weeks” button in the upper right corner.
    • If you are a student in a collaborative course, your local teacher may outline different pacing than what is observed in this tool.

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