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School Add Student Account

Intended Audience: Affiliation Users


To enroll a student in a Michigan Virtual course, they must first have an account created in the Student Learning Portal (SLP). This process explains how an affiliation user can add a single student account. If you need to add multiple students at once, refer to the Import List of Student Accounts article.

Note: When a student account is created, a corresponding guardian account will be automatically generated. Once the student is enrolled in a course, the guardian will receive an email containing instructions to set up their account. These accounts are designed to keep guardians informed about their student's progress.


  1. First, select the Students tab in the top menu bar.
  2. Next, tap the Add Student option from the left navigation menu.
  3. Then complete the six sections of the form to the best of your abilities.
    • Basic Information
      1. Start by typing the students First Name, Last Name and Email in the open text fields as these are required.
        Note: A unique email address is required.
      2. Next, insert the student’s Preferred Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth and SSN, if desired.
      3. Then choose the appropriate option from the Gender and Affiliations drop-down fields.
        Basic Information section highlighted to show fields mentioned above.
    • Address (optional)
      1. First, if needed, enter the students Street, City, Zip and Phone in the open text fields.
      2. Then choose the appropriate options from the State, Race, Country and Hispanic drop-down fields.
    • Academic (optional)
      1. Begin by selecting the appropriate options from the Grade Level and Graduation Path fields.
      2. Next, tap the drop-down menu next to the question, “At any time during the school year, does the student attend a face-to-face or virtual school?” and then select your response.
      3. At this point, enter the student Expected Graduationdate, Local ID, Graduation Date and School Name open text fields.
    • Guardians
      1. Start by typing the student’s guardian details in the Guardian 1 section in the Last Name, First Name, and Email open text fields.
      2. Next, choose an option from the Relationship drop-down menu.
      3. Finally, repeat the steps above to complete the Guardian 2 section if applicable.
        Note: At least one guardian account is required to set up the student account. This will generate an email to the guardian to allow access to their course.
    • Additional Information
      1. First, choose a “Yes” or “No” response to the IEP and Section 504 drop-down fields as they are required.
      2. Next, select the appropriate option from the SPED, Gifted, LEP and Economic Disadv fields.
      3. Then enter the student details for the remaining Case Load Provider Name, Email, Phone and IEP Notes fields.
    • Login Information
      1. At this point, specify the password the student will use to access the Student Learning Portal using the Password field.
  4. Finally, select the Save button to create the account.

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