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Progress Reports Explained

Intended Audience: Students, Guardians, Mentors, Affiliation Users 


Instructors will distribute an notification containing course progress to mentors, students and/or guardians. This article explains the information provided in that email, answers to common questions and links to additional resources.


The Michigan Virtual Progress Report Email

The notification displays broad course information with the intent of providing a rough calculation of student performance. The overall total % of points for the course line will reveal the current grade, which is calculated by dividing the points earned by the total possible points in the course. Michigan Virtual courses are designed to provide access to all assignments which means grades are calculated considering all possible assignments rather than just those completed so far. Additional information about assignment grades can be found by accessing the Gradebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my student make up work that they missed?

With the exception of Advanced Placement courses, students can make up and submit work at any time before their end date. Advanced placement courses have established due dates and penalties for submitting late work.  Your student should contact their instructor to clarify due dates, as they vary by course.

How do I know how many assignments my student should have completed by now?

Refer to the Suggested Pacing section located in your Student Learning Portal Dashboard. This information will display the assignments to be completed within the week.

My grades are different in my class page than on the Student Learning Portal dashboard. Why would they be different?

The gradebook within your course is live, but the gradebook in the Student Learning Portal can be up to 24 hours behind.

What is my student’s current grade?

A student’s current grade is displayed in the Gradebook. Assignment details are shown in a table at the bottom of the page.

How can I check my student’s progress between progress checks?

Check student progress by accessing the Gradebook. For additional details and scores, refer to the assignments table shown below the progress table.

What overall percentage should my student have if they are on track?

Progress Checks are sent out at various points in the course. Each progress check represents approximately 20% of the course. For example, Progress Check 1 is after 20% of the course is completed, Progress Check 2 is after 40% of the course is completed, etc.
Student progress can be check by reviewing the Unit Progress Checks. These are provided at the end of each unit within the Gradebook. Additionally, you can broadly anticipate that your student should have complete roughly 25% of the course during each quarter of the term although this can vary slightly based on course assignments.

Additional Resources

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