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Mentor Gradebook Reports

Intended Audience: Mentors 


Mentors can access confidential reports via the Student Learning Portal (SLP). This guide will illustrate the steps required to obtain the exclusive password for viewing and downloading the reports. Please note that affiliation users with dual roles must select the Mentor option from the role drop-down menu to access these reports. Reports are only available in PDF format and are password protected.


Obtain Report Password

  1. First, tap the Mentors tab in the top menu bar.
  2. Next, note the number displayed in the ID column to the right of the Mentor name.
    The Mentor page is shown with an arrow pointing to the ID column of the Mentor table.
  3. To generate your unique password, combine the last name with the ID mentioned above, in the format of (MentorLastName+ID). This password cannot be altered. For security reasons, kindly avoid sharing or recording your password. Please note that while obtaining your password, any special characters and/or hyphens in your last name should be omitted. 

Mentor Gradebook Reports

  1. Begin by tapping the MySLP tab in the top menu bar.
  2. Then move down to the bottom of the Dashboard by using the scroll bar on the right.
  3. Next, locate the "Mentor Gradebook Report" widget and then tap the “Get Report” link located within.
  4. At this point, a new window will open and prompt for a password. Using the process above, enter the password and then tap the Submit button to proceed.
    Password Required dialog box appears upon loading the PDF report. An arrow points to the Submit button.
  5. By default, the report will appear within the browser window. To access the full benefits of this report, it must be downloaded and opened in a PDF reader.
  6. Finally, hover over the top portion of the page to display the menu options. The menu will display the Gradebooks for students assigned to the mentor, followed by the page number for the page displayed followed by the total number of pages. Next, the Rotate Clockwise, Download, Print and Bookmarks icons are shown.
    Image of the Mentor Gradebook report for an example mentor is shown displaying multiple pages to navigate. The Download and Print icons appear on the top right of the PDF and the page images are shown on the left menu.

Searching the Report

  1. Begin by pressing the CTRL+F keys simultaneously to open the Find dialog box.
  2. Then insert the first or last name of the student and then tap the OK button.
  3. Navigate through the report to locate the appropriate information.

    Note: When hovering over the top of the report, the 4th icon is a list of bookmarks, this will allow mentors to select and navigate to a students report.

Save Individual Student Report

  1. Start by hovering over the top right portion of the page to display the menu options.
  2. Then tap the Print icon.
  3. Next, type the pages you want to save (Example: 1-18).
  4. Then ensure the printer is changed to Adobe PDF.
  5. Finally, press Print and then save these pages as a student’s name on your desktop or in a folder.

Download Report

  1. First, hover over the top portion of the page to display the menu options.
  2. Next, tap the download icon.
  3. Then choose a location to save the file to, rename the file (if desired) and then tap the Save button.
  4. At this point, navigate to the saved file and then open.
  5. As a result, a password prompt will appear, enter the same unique password and then tap the OK button.
  6. Users with Adobe Acrobat Pro can view or toggle between students by tapping the Bookmarks icon on the left menu and then selecting a student name.
    A downloaded PDF of the Mentor Gradebook report is shown. An arrow points to the Bookmark icon next to a list of the student example names.

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