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Locate Test or Exam Passwords

Intended Audience: Guardians, Mentors


When a student is enrolled by a school in any course with Michigan Virtual, the guardian or mentor must obtain the exam passwords from the course instructor. This guide explains the procedure for guardians or mentors to acquire the password well in advance of the exam. It is recommended that mid-terms and final exams are proctored. Proctored exams require the mentor to supervise the test while the student is taking it. Additionally, upon completion of the course, access to any portion of the course, including the final exam, will no longer be available.



After gaining access to the course, refer to the pacing guide to ascertain the dates when exams are scheduled. Subsequently, reach out to the course instructor to request the necessary password(s) for the student to take the exam.


  1. First, sign in to the Student Learning Portal, tap Go to Courses (under the MySLP tab) and then select Michigan Virtual (Brightspace).
  2. Next, select Data and Insights from the top menu bar and then select Insights Portal.
  3. Directly beneath the "Insights Portal" title, tap the Analytics Builder tab. Then, scroll down to select Insights Report Builder.
  4. Now, tap the menu icon to expand Mentor Dashboards and then select Exam Passwords.
  5. Then apply filters by Term and/or Course to narrow down the options.
  6. Finally, identify the correct course and exam name to view the corresponding exam password.
    Note: It is important to make sure the term on the chart is accurate.

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