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Guardian Dashboard

Intended Audience: Guardians 


In addition to enrolling your student, guardians have the ability track progress and provide support where needed. This process describes how to navigate the Student Learning Portal (SLP) Dashboard as a guardian.


  1. First, there are two items that will remain the same throughout navigating the SLP:
    • Your full name will be displayed at the top right corner of the page. This allows you to Edit Account and/or properly exit the Student Learning Portal.
    • If you have more than one student to monitor, their names will appear in the top menu bar to alter student account views. If your student does not appear and you have more than one student, please follow the Add Another Student to Account process.
    • The dashboard page shows the courses in tiles. Each tile will contain course details such as, score, teacher, assignments and pacing guides.
      Note: Guardian accounts do not have the access to the actual course content.  However, you can use your account to monitor the student's progress.
      The Guardian Dashboard page is displayed showing the enrolled courses for his or her student. The left menu options are shown to the left and the Certificates of Completion are shown below the course tiles.
  2. Choose an option from the available options below in the left navigation menu:
    1. Select Mentor Information to view the assigned mentor’s contact information.
      Note: If a guardian enrolls a student, he or she will not have an assigned mentor.
      The Mentor Information option was selected from the left menu. The contact information for an example mentor is displayed. An arrow points to the orange navigation buttons on upper right of screen to view next mentor information details.
    2. Select Course Registration to search for available classes and enroll your student in a course.
      The Course Registration page is shown with multiple search fields populated. An AP Calculus course is selected in the results table.
    3. Click Gradebook to view the Instructor Name and Email as well as an outline of the assignments.
      The Gradebook page is shown with 3 available courses to select. An arrow points to the View Details buttons to select.
    4. Tap Student Information to view your student details.
      The Student Information page is shown with the basic information and address sections.
    5. Edit Account allows you to change your login password.
      The Edit account page is shown displaying the ability to change profile information and change password.
    6. Select Ledger to view recent transactions related to enrollment purchases.
      The Ledger page is shown with multiple transaction details. The Date, Description, Type, Method, Amount and Balances are shown in a table.

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