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20 Most Recent Completions Widget

Intended Audience: Mentors 


The 20 Most Recent Completions widget displays the last 20 students who completed their course, their final grade and exit date. This process describes how a mentor will locate and/or add this widget to their Student Learning Portal (SLP) dashboard.
Note: To obtain a full report of all students completing courses, run the Recent Completions Report.


  1. First, tap MySLP from the top menu bar. By default, a Dashboard page containing notifications and widgets will be shown.
  2. Next, scroll down the page to locate the 20 Most Recent Completions widget.
    Note: In the event the widget is not displayed on the Dashboard, feel free to Customize it.
    • The "Student" column displays the first and last name of the student who completed his or her course.
    • The second column, "Course" shows the name of the class the student completed.
    • The next column, "Teacher" shows the first and last name of the class instructor.
    • The "Final Grade" column displays the number grade the student received.
    • Finally, the "Exit Date" displays the date the student no longer had access to the class.

The 20 most recent completions widget is shown displaying the columns mentioned above for 9 students.

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