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Activity Heatmap

Intended Audience: Mentors, Affiliation Users


This guide explains how mentors and affiliation users can access information on the Activity Heatmap, a clickable calendar that highlights a student's activity within the Student Learning Portal (SLP). By selecting a specific date, details such as assignment submission, login, and activity duration can be revealed.


  1. To view the list of active students, select the Students tab located in the top menu bar. This will display a table with the relevant information.
  2. After tapping the Students tab in the top menu bar, locate the appropriate linked name within the "Student" column and click on it. The student information will then be displayed.
  3. Then tap Activity Heatmap from the left navigation menu within the "Enrollments" section.
  4. Upon accessing the SLP, a calendar or multiple calendars will be displayed, each labeled with the name of the corresponding course enrolled in by the student.
  5. To access assignment and login details for a particular date, click on the date of interest on the Activity Heatmap. You can also hover over the date to view the number of minutes the student was logged in without clicking on it. The "Assignments" section displays a list of all assignments the student submitted on the selected date, while the "Activities" list shows any assignments that the student worked on during the selected date.

Three course calendars are displayed which contain highlighted dates for various days. Arrows point to the Activity Heatmap option on the left menu and to the November 11th date within the first calendar. The assignments and activity for this day appear in a list to the right of the calendar.

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