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Parent/Guardian SLP Frequently Asked Questions

This article provides a list of frequently asked questions from parents/guardians as it relates to the the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal (SLP).

What is the Student Learning Portal?

The Student Learning Portal is the Michigan Virtual student information system (SIS). The site will provide capabilities for registering students in courses; documenting grading; tracking attendance; and messaging. The Student Learning Portal should not be confused with a learning management system or virtual learning environment, where course materials, assignments and assessment tests can be published electronically.

I didn’t register for an account, why did I receive an email with login information?

You received the email because a Student Learning Portal account has been created for your student. This account was created either because you registered the student or because someone from your student’s school did. Along with the creation of the student account, we’ve created a “guardian account” for you to access your student’s information and monitor progress in his or her Michigan Virtual course. To learn more about how to change your password, update your information or monitor your student’s progress, please visit our Guardian Quick Start Guide.

My student has an account, but I do not have a parent account. How do I create one?

When a school creates a student account within the Student Learning Portal, a guardian account may not have been setup. You can contact your student's school to request that your email address be added to your student profile. Once the email has been added, you will receive an email a parent account will be created and will allow you to Login, view course information and student progress.

How do I create an account?

Parents/Guardians who wish to register students in Michigan Virtual courses will be required to setup an account in the Student Learning Portal. Both guardian and student will require a unique and valid email address when creating this account and should follow instructions outlined in the Add Student and Guardian Accounts article.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Michigan Virtual will accept credit or debit card payment types containing the Visa, Mastercard, and Discover logos through the Student Learning Portal.

How can I enroll my student into a course?

Parents/Guardians will login to the Student Learning Portal and browse courses within the Course Registration page. Once courses are selected for purchase, you will submit your payment information, and the system will enroll your student into the course.

How do I add a student to an existing account? 

If a student needs to be added to an existing parent/guardian account the process would vary depending on who enrolled the student initially. 

  • If the student was enrolled by a parent/guardian, you will need to contact the Customer Care Center.
  • If the student was enrolled by the school, the parent/guardian will need to contact the school to have their name and email added to the student profile in the Student Learning Portal

When will the course start and end?

Parents/Guardians should refer to the Michigan Virtual Enrollment Calendar when selecting term start dates. Upon course registration, you will have the option to choose the available start dates.

For existing courses, have your student refer to When will my course start and end?

How do I check my students progress?

A student’s course grades and assignments can be observed in the Student Learning Portal without accessing the Gradebook within the Learning Management System (LMS). Use the options within your Dashboard to view items such as the Activity and Course Pacing Guides and more.

How can I drop my student from a course enrollment?

A parent/guardian can request that a student be removed from their course by following the Drop Course article. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to review the Michigan Virtual Drop Policy as well as the last date refunds will be issued in the Enrollment Calendar.

What is an IEP or 504 plan?

The Student Learning Portal New Parent/Guardian Registration page asks guardians if the student possesses an IEP or 504 plan. Guardians should choose the most appropriate response, or if unknown choose the “No” option.

What is the Michigan Virtual Accessibility policy?

Michigan Virtual is committed to maintaining an accessible website. Information can be found on our Web Accessibility Policy page.

Where can I locate the Certificate of Completion?

The Certificate of Completion can be easily located in the Student Learning Portal within the Completed Courses module on the Student or Guardian Dashboard. If you need to obtain your certificate for a course completed prior to summer 2018, please contact the Customer Care Center and include the name of the district, full name of the school building, the desired school years and any other pertinent information to help us provide the certificates you need.

How does my student receive credit at school?

Once your student receives a final grade in their course, the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal will generate a Certificate of Completion. The certificate contains a score (percentage), the instructor(s) and course name. Michigan Virtual will not distribute the Certificate of Completion or a formal transcript to the student’s local school. Parents/Guardians may provide the certificate to the local school. It is the responsibility of the local school to assign the letter grade they deem appropriate on the student’s transcript.

Who is my students mentor?

A mentor could be a local teacher, counselor, librarian or even a parent, depending on who enrolled the student. Access the Locate Mentor Contact Information article to learn more.

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