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Send Message to Student

Intended Audience: Affiliation User 


Effective communication is critical to ensure student success in an online course. To contact a student, an affiliation user can send an email via the Student Learning Portal (SLP). This process involves accessing the student's account information page and using the email address provided.


  1. First, tap the Students tab in the top menu bar to view students you can view.
  2. Next, click the linked name in the “Student” column.
    The Active Student page is displaying a table containing a list of active students within their affiliation. An arrow points to the linked name in the Student column.
  3. At this time, the Main Information page will be displayed showing sectioned information pertaining to the student you have selected. Then tap the Send Email option from the left navigation menu within the Actions section if you need to contact this student directly.
  4. As a result, the email page will appear. If a the follow up template is needed, you can select it from the Template drop-down field. Next, replace or insert text for the Subject field and then include a carbon copy email address in the CC Email field if desired.
  5. At this moment, you can attach a file by selecting the Add files button. Choose the file and then tap the Open button.
  6. Then choose the other recipients that should be copied in your message by placing a check in the selection box to the left of the recipient.
    Note: The Send also to Student’s Message Inbox is automatically selected. If deselected, the email will only be delivered to the student’s personal email address.
  7. Next, insert or modify the text within the Body area.
  8. A preview of your message will be displayed in the Sample area.
  9. Finally, if you are satisfied with your message click the Send button to deliver the email.
    The Send Email form page shows the fields described above. Arrows point to the Send Email option in the left menu, the Update Sample link in the Sample section as well as the Send button.

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